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Providing End To End Care Management

  • Pre - Op Risk Assessment

    Pre - Op Risk Assessment

    The risk - assessment is calculated based on medical, functional, social, and educational assessments pre operatively. The patient and physician can then discuss how to reduce any risks before surgery resulting in better outcomes.
  • Discharge Disposition Prediction and Management

    Discharge Disposition Prediction and Management

    Studies have shown that over 40% of costs are related to post op care. Our software will help to predict the most appropriate post op treatment options including Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs), Home Health Care Resources (HH), or recovery at home with the Care team. Our Care management module assists in deciding when care transition can occur through the post acute care continuum.
  • Post Operative Engagement and Monitoring

    Post Operative Engagement and Monitoring

    • Patients are satisfied because of regular post surgery monitoring.
    • There is an overall reduction in costs by better engaging and educating patients after surgery.
    • Early intervention to reduce re admissions and other complications that can occur after surgery.
  • Surgical Management

    Assisting in the standardization of surgical practices through data collection and utilization of evidence based tools

OrthoVitals Facilitates Communication Between…

  • Patients and Their Care Coaches

    Patients are at the core of what we do. We actively engage patients and their care coaches before, during, and after surgery.

    Benefits to Patients:
    • Better care through active patient involvement and regular communication between the patient and the care team.
    • Reduced post-surgery complications
    • Better outcomes
  • Providers

    Providers are the glue that make the whole thing work by facilitating better communications with patients all through the recovery process.

    Benefits to Patients:
    • Streamlined patient care
    • Pre-op teaching and Optimization
    • Post-op care Coordination
    • Enhanced communications with patients
  • Hospitals

    OrthoVitals helps healthcare organizations produce better patient outcomes for lower costs and succeed with value based payments related to Episodic Care.

    Benefits to Patients:
    • Reduced Re admission costs
    • Fewer ER visits
    • Higher patient satisfaction scores
    • Financial Improvements in Episodic care through a digital platform that allows for superior care coordination and standardization

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